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company data

Our Company, started his activities by importing of Lift Components to Egypt, as the first serious importer in Egypt Lift Section, since year 2003. From year 2004 by developing and producing new special designed lift components, gave new directions to his import activities.

From 2004, by making agency agreements with producer leader companies in Europe, expanded more his marketing activities in Egypt and other countries. Available Agencies and Distributorships are: Gem / Italy, Gervall / Spain, Miclect / Spain,BST/ China, Hunter/ China, Sky / Turkey, Welgate/ China, Kornenberg / Germany, Wittur /Italy, 2SG / Italy, NLC / Italy, PFB / Italy. more and more. 


Later on by opening a new branch in  Cairo Ring Road, was able to increase more the volume of its activities. now we export our goods to Sudan,Lybia and Saudi arabia. our company is grows up year by year....,

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